What to Pack?

Packing for your Narrowboat Holiday

I’m the sort of person who always packs far too much when going on holiday, which isn’t that helpful on a boat!  At 57ft & over long, our boats are extremely spacious for two people and still very comfortable for four or five, and there is actually a fair amount of storage space, but you clearly have to be a bit savvy with your packing and only bring along what you really need.  To help you out, we have tried to provide as much on the boats as possible (see the Inventory Page), but you might like to think about bringing the following with you:

  • Luggage that you are happy to unpack and return to the car, or soft bags that can easily be folded into storage areas.
  • Seasonal clothing (preferably none-crease though we do provide a small iron and board), including hat, gloves and waterproofs in the colder months and sun cream and hat for warmer months.  I would bring more than 1 pair of jeans/trousers as your clothes can get a bit grubby at the locks no matter how careful you try to be – or maybe that’s just me! You can bring some smart clothes too as you are likely to dine out in a lovely restaurant at least once during your holiday.
  • Wellies or non-slip boots for colder/wetter months.  Non-slip shoes/trainers for dryer months. Smarter shoes for eating out. 
  • Toiletries, but remember that we provide eco-friendly shampoo/conditioner and body lotions.  You won’t need to bring a hairdryer or straighteners as they are all provided and will be hygienically cleaned ready for your use.
  • Food & Drink, but don’t forget that there are numerous canal side pubs and restaurants along your route and you may actually like to dine out. Do look at the inventory list as we will provide a canister of tea, coffee, sugar & a rack of various spices, though you may prefer to bring along your favourites.  Try to take your items out of their pre-packaging and leave that behind, or you will find your bin very quickly filled. You may also wish to bring some cling film and silver foil to help with your storage and cooking of food.  You don’t need to bring cleaning materials though as we do provide all eco-friendly cleaning materials including the cloths.
  • WiFi. With the numerous charging points and free WiFi, you need never be completely out of touch – unless you prefer to leave your phone and Ipad’s behind and have total peace and quiet!  You don’t need to bring speakers as we do provide a Bose Bluetooth speaker.