Children Welcome

Children & Small Families Welcome - Narrowboat Holidays

Arthur Owl is specifically designed for a romantic getaway for two, but the sofa bed in the lounge opens out into a King-Sized bed for use by friends or family.  Top quality bedding is provided for up to four people, but we are insured to carry six passengers.  A number of guests have had 3 children sleep top-to tail in either the main bedroom or living area very comfortably because both beds are actually larger than King-Sized.  Others have brought a blow-up bed and sleeping bag for a 3rd child which has also  worked out very well.  If you are not sure about the bed situation and whether or not you’d fit in if there are more than four of you, just give me a shout and we can discuss the options.

We will also provide an appropriate sized life jacket for your child/children to wear for those from the age of 5 and over.  Any younger children, we think it best that you fit your own life jacket in case ours are too big; it’s hard to know what size would be best without seeing the child first, so if in doubt, please bring your own life jackets for the very young children.  Also, babies are welcome, but we’d have to discuss with you the size of your travel cot and how they might be accommodated, so best to call us about that too before booking.