Dogs Welcome

Dog Friendly Narrowboat Holidays

If you are like us, you will likely want to bring your dog on holiday with you.  Tessa, pictured, loves the long canal walks and also sitting on top of the boat watching all the swans and ducks and other wildlife. You can pre-book up to 2 average sized dogs onto your holiday and specific towels will be provided so that you can ensure your pet is nice and clean before you let them inside the boat. We do ask that dogs are not allowed onto the seating or beds at all.  A life jacket can also be provided for your pet.

We will ask for a higher breakages/cleaning deposit, but this will be fully reimbursed to you after your holiday is over so long as everything is left as found and your dog has done no damage. So basically, as long as you help us to help you, there is no extra charge for you to bring your beloved pet aboard. Cafwin is a meticulous cleaner of incredibly high standards and will scrub the boat from top to bottom for each new guest, so no one would ever know that a four legged friend had been on board.