Covid-19 Information for
Narrowboat Hire & Holidays

It was so exciting to re-open the business in July 20 after we successively applied for the “We’re Good To Go Industry Standard”, who, in partnership with the Tourist Organisation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, examined Cafwin Cruises to check that we had put all the correct procedures in place to ensure the safety of our guests and staff against possible COVID 19 infection.  Of course, we have had to cope with 2 further closures since then, but we are now looking to re-opening on 12 April 21. 

Like many businesses, we have had to work out how we can safely operate whilst simultaneously protecting our guests and our cleaning team.  Initially we stopped conducting back-to-back handovers, allowing 72 hours either side of the clean.  However, towards the end of 2021 we were thrilled to resume back-to-back handovers after considering many alternative solutions and finally settling on the following regime:  

  •  On the return of guests, a Fogger Aerosol will be left in the boat for 30 mins or longer.  This will ensure that all surfaces have been treated for viruses and bacteria before our cleaning team board the boat. 
  • We have increased our cleaning team from 3 to 4 personnel, so that an even deeper clean is carried out using the best recommended products all conforming to BS EN 14476.  
  •  The ProXL Anti-Bacterial Room Fogger Aerosol (200ml)
      • Contains over 90% alcohol
      • Kills over 99.999% of viruses and bacteria
      • Independently tested and conforms to BS EN 1276, 1650 and 14476 (the latter being C-19 compliant)
      • Total release fills areas up to 100m3
      • Leaves an anti-bacterial layer on all surfaces
      • Fresh fragrance

  • After the clean, a new Fogger Aerosol will be left in the boat with the doors and windows closed.  On arrival of the guest, they will be invited to open the boat, open the windows and remove the can.  We will then wait 15 minutes (there will be outside briefs to do whilst we wait) and that way our guests know that the boat has been cleaned to the highest of standards and that no one has stepped foot inside Arthur Owl since the Fogger was released.   

In regards to the actual clean itself, we are following the cleaning protocols that have been prepared for self-catering and short-term let properties by the Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK, the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC), Premier Cottages Ltd and Air B&B.  In other words, we will be  treating the boat as you would any holiday cottage or hotel room, but then giving it the extra safety net of the Fogger.  For interest, here are the cleaning guidelines that we will be following, but ours will expand to include the disinfecting of the exterior of Arthur Owl as well as the interior: 

We’ve also produced an internal Hand-Over Video that guests will be asked to watch prior to their arrival and refer to once on board.  That way we will not all be squashed up together as we show you how to operate the shower, tv, cooker, dishwasher etc, etc. With the interior hand-over dealt with by video, we will then only have to worry about teaching guests how to operate Arthur Owl on the water and that will all be done externally.  Disinfected Face Shield’s will be provided for guests during the handover, unless they arrive with their own face-masks (which would be preferred) and we will also be wearing protective clothing and a face shield.  Disposable gloves and extra disinfecting equipment will also be provided for guests to use on arrival for their holiday, particularly for use when operating locks. 

Finally, if you book a holiday and then Government advice is that we either continue or re-instate lock-down, we hope you will work with us to find you another suitable holiday date, but if one can-not be found, we promise you a no quibbles refund of any monies paid.  

I hope that everything we’ve said makes sense.  If you’ve got any questions at all about our policy, please don’t hesitate to contact Catherine as she will happily answer any query you may have.  

Warmest regards and stay safe one and all.

Catherine x